I am a qualified Psychologist and Online Counsellor with many years of experience in successfully helping people overcome their problems and dilemmas. I am also a full member of the British Psychology Society (BPS).

You may feel distressed and be suffering from depression or anxiety due to problems suffered in childhood up to the present day.

Some issues may be due to a relationship problem, stress at work or at home, unhappy with yourself (low self-esteem) feelings of guilt and unable to sleep or perhaps sleeping too much (over 8 hours).

I don’t rely on just one form of Psychotherapy but rather take an approach that uses therapeutic knowledge from various disciplines, By helping you to overcome negative thoughts and emotions you may achieve a calmer and more focussed state of mind.

If you would like to establish whether I am the right person to help you, please fill out the Questionnaire. There is no charge for an initial consultation – it is most important to see if we can develop a rapport that will help you to break free from self-destructive habits of thinking and acting.

Our aim is to help you to live happily in the present day and not be held back by the past.

All of the therapeutic ways of communication I offer; Face to Face, Chat Room, Skype, Phone and E-Therapy are based on this foundation. It is just a matter of deciding which way to communicate suits you best.