Terms and Conditions

By using this service you understand that you must be over 18 years of age and that you have read all the terms and conditions below and that by doing so you agree with them by requesting therapy services from this on-line therapy service website.

Please read the terms and conditions and if uncertain about any of them ask me before therapy begins.

  1. This service is not suitable for serious mental health problems. It is vital that you tell me if you have any concerns.
  2. You must tell me about any medical history such as past mental health problems or medication you are taking for mental health reasons before entering into a therapeutic relationship.
  3. Please understand that certain issues like anorexia the therapist may need to seek your Doctors permission before helping you further, and that this will only happen with your consent and not before.
  4. No permission for any academic study is given or any permission for publication of any material is allowed without requesting permission first in writing.
  5. You understand this is not a free service.
  6. You understand that this service will not provide any type of financial or medical diagnostic advice.
  7. This site does not offer medication or advice on medication.
  8. If asked to by the therapist you must seek medical advice from your own Doctor before therapy can proceed.
  9. You understand this service cannot guarantee any improvement in your mental health.
  10. You are responsible for the security of your computer equipment and you will have installed an active and updated anti-virus program and firewall.
  11. Your identity will always be confidential and no identifiable information given.
  12. You understand that the therapist’s opinion is a personal opinion and not medical advice.
  13. The therapist will never enter into any conversation with a third party about your information or therapy without your specific permission.
  14. Any information kept by the therapist is confidential and only surrendered to a third party via a court order.
  15. You understand that you will undertake to do your best to carry out any form of homework set by the therapist to the best of your ability.
  16. You are responsible to check that the laws in your country allow you to use this service via the web site.
  17. You have the right to end therapy at any time.
  18. If you agree to these terms and conditions please Click this Box